ANES CAVE (Pyrenees)

Man has inhabited this area of the Pyrenees since Neolithic times, as evidenced by the archaeological discoveries which have been found there. The vegetation, with oak forests, jonquil meadows and riparian trees, is a reflection of the fact that it faces south. But perhaps the most unique aspect of the southern-facing area is the karst topography. There are many caves and ravines which together represent the most important area of karsts in La Cerdanya. Nevertheless, the Cova d’Anes cave, the longest cave in the area after the Fou de Bor cave, is the only one that can be explored relative comfortably, since its layout is easy to follow until the end, which means one does not have to fear getting lost.





What to bring:

Sports shoes, comfortable clothing, headlamp or flashlight  and long-sleeve pullover

Equipment we provide:


RECOMMENDED Acommodation


The Solana de Segre campsite is the perfect place for groups that want plenty of space to carry out activities and at the same time continue to enjoy all the mods and cons offered by the bungalows. At the heart of La Cerdanya, it is the best accommodation for doing our activities in the Pyrenees.


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