With this activity, we aim to teach participants what to do in the event of an avalanche in order to find someone under the snow. Students learn to use safety equipment like a shovel, beacon and probe.

We show how to use the shovels to break up the snow and shovel without hurting the possible victim below.

The beacon emits a high-frequency signal that surpasses the layers of snow covering the victim. The device can be used above the snow to find the exact point where the person is located.

The probe is used to pinpoint more accurately the location of the buried person, thus making it possible to find the victim quicker. A probe is a long, folding rod that fits in a backpack. Once assembled, it should be approximately 2.4 metres long.


From 1h 30min



What to bring:

Snow clothing and gloves

Equipment we provide:

Shovels, beacons and probes

RECOMMENDED Acommodation


The Solana de Segre campsite is the perfect place for groups that want plenty of space to carry out activities and at the same time continue to enjoy all the mods and cons offered by the bungalows. At the heart of La Cerdanya, it is the best accommodation for doing our activities in the Pyrenees.


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