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RAFTING (Pre-Pyrenees)

This activity takes place in the River Segre as it passes through Camarasa in a whitewater area with rapids that allow participants to practice a variety of situations in the river, including Eddy manoeuvres, turns, jumps, etc. We also explain various guiding techniques in the river. We try to make it so participants have the feeling of guiding the raft in the areas of the river that allow us to do so. Moreover, to make it even more fun, we work with a lot of game play.


2h 30min to 3h



Meeting point:

In Ponts: Restaurant Valldans

What to bring:

Swimsuit, old sports shoes and a towel

What we provide:

Life jacket, helmet, wetsuit and booties

Transfer to the activity: If you are less than 20 km away, €15 per person. If you are further, please ask.

* Children under 14 have a 15% discount.

** All prices include liability and accident insurance.

*** It is essential to know how to swim.

From €40 per person

RECOMMENDED Acommodation


Cal Metge is the ideal place to enjoy a few days of holidays. Located next to the river and in the middle of the forest, this house provides a great place to relax, while also offering all sorts of technologies. In summer, the swimming pool is perfect for cooling off, and in winter, the fireplace gives you the warmth you need.



The Mirador de la Torra is the perfect place to stay for those who like history and the idea of living in a former parish church right in the centre of the village of Rialb, while also enjoying all of our activities in the Pre-Pyrenees.



Thanks to its proximity to the River Segre, the Rialb reservoir and the Pre-Pyrenees Mountains, L'Era is the ideal place to stay for large groups. Equipped with every possible comfort, it is perfect for regaining strength after a day full of experiences and activities.



To make your experience complete, you can stay at L’Alberg de la Torra, a hostel facing the Rialb reservoir offering all kinds of facilities, including a swimming pool, air conditioning, heating, leisure activities, etc., and you will also have the chance to discover all the cultural sites and scenery of La Baronia de Rialb.


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